WordPress Maintenance & Support

Why use our WordPress Maintenance and Support Services?

WordPress is now the world’s most popular Content Maintenance System (CMS) used by companies of all sizes. WordPress requires continuous maintenance to assure optimal performance to meet your business needs.

Site Content Updates

From one word of text to a new page on your website, we update site content per your request in a timely manner.

Theme & Plugin Maintenance

Our support team monitors and implements standard WordPress theme and plugin updates routinely.

Custom Posts & Functionality

When your site requires additional functionality, we create and integrate custom posts to keep your site performing optimally.

Real-Time Support

See your support requests fulfilled in real-time. Your Webmaster Support team member is just one phone call or email away.


How Does it work?

Pre-purchase blocks of hours between (4, 8, 12 or 20 hours). As you need work performed on your WordPress website, simply submit task request through our online system. As we complete the task we deduct time in 15 minute increments.

We Manage Your WordPress Website

We become your dedicated webmaster website specialists ready to provide complete support for your web assets. We keep your site performing optimally by managing, updating and providing oversight of your business website.

Save money and keep your site maintained using our Webmaster Support team.


How Do You Request Support?

We Manage Performance, Uptime & Security

While WordPress is the most popular CMS platform, it has become the biggest target for hackers and unscrupulous visitors. We will perform routine security audits and maintenance to minimize security threats and provide optimal uptime and performance. We conduct technical optimization to assure your site is compliance with search engines and website standards.

We proactively manage and maintain your site to assure your site has maximum up-time and responsiveness for your clients.

Request Pricing for Webmaster Support Services

Complete this form and we will contact you to provide rates and information on our program. We will perform and pre-signup audit of your website and hosting platform. On completion of the audit we will send you a sign up and payment form to purchase blocks of hours. We may recommend initial updates and configuration for your WordPress website.

Once you are signed up we are ready to update your site and provide maintenance. You purchase a block of hours (4-20). The more hours you purchase the lower the hourly rate. Your unused hours never expire. There is no monthly fee or minimum time to use.

When you need help, call us directly or submit your request via email or online support request form. We perform the work and follow up with a task completion. We deduct the time from your purchased block of hours.

  • Time Deducted in 15 Minute Increments.
  • No Monthly Fees or Minimal Hours Uses
  • We Track All Time and Perform a Quality Review Before Completion.
  • We Accept Credit Card Payment.
  • Professional and Experienced Staff.
  • Priority Customer Support 24/7.
  • Work Performed at Our Irvine or Dallas Offices..