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WordPress Website Support Services

Your Dedicated WordPress Website Support Team

Performing Updates As-Needed to Manage and Maintain Your Website

WordPress Webmaster Support Services, aka Webmaster Support, provides your business with a team of specialists that perform recurring and/or one-time website updates and maintenance tasks at a cost that is less than that of a part-time employee!

Your WordPress website will receive real-time content updates at your request, and your theme and plugins will be managed on a routine basis by a team of qualified WordPress specialists.

Services Provided With Website Support

Real-Time Support

Speak to a Rhino Web Group team member in real-time, when you need to. We are never more than a phone call or email away.

Website Content Updates

Whether it's a one-word edit or a new page to add to your website, our team of WordPress specialists completes website content updates quickly and efficiently.

Theme & Plugin Maintenance

Updating Themes and Plugins is vital to security and performance. Our Webmaster Support team routinely monitors, manages and updates your theme and plugins.

Custom Posts & Functionality

You are not limited to the standard functionality of your WordPress theme. Our team of WordPress specialists can develop custom posts and functionality when needed for your website.

Malware Removal & Site Restoration

Got hacked? Malware is common with outdated themes and plugins. Leading WordPress hosting firms such as WPEngine require updates and can identify vulnerable components. The good news is we can restore an infected website.

Site Training

Do you need training on using your site and key site tools including 3rd party tools? Under our webmaster support, we will provide any training to help your staff manage your website.

Hosting Management

Your hosting provider is important to the performance and security of your site. We can be your hosting administrator. Do you backup your site nightly? Is your platform using advanced security and performance methods? Let's talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Webmaster Support Work?

Blocks of hours are available for purchase. 4 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or 20 hours. (Pro tip: more hours = a lower hourly rate) Once your hours are purchased, your available time is added to our Teamwork Client Portal, where you can request tasks and communicate with your Webmaster support team.

As your requested tasks are performed, we will deduct the utilized time for each task in 15-minute increments (a minimum of 15 minutes will be deducted for each task). The remaining time will NEVER expire and will be available when you need another task performed. Periodic time summaries are available by request.

Once you have expended all time, you will be sent a notification to replenish hours so that you have time available the next time you need updates completed.

What is Webmaster Support?

WordPress website support services, or webmaster support, is a service that provides routine and on-demand updates to your website by an experienced WordPress specialist to keep your site up-to-date.

Who Should Use RWG’s Webmaster Support?

Any organization or business that has a WordPress website and doesn’t have the time, knowledge, or staff to keep it effectively managed. We serve businesses in a range of sizes, such as non-profits, startups, and small to medium businesses.

Do I need to host my site on Rhino's great hosting platform?

No, but you should! We have worked with many hosting platforms but keep in mind, older hosting platforms can be more time consuming and requite more time and maintenance. Our preference is WPEngine's hosting platform as it is modern, highly reliable and secure. You can host directly with WPEngine or sign up for our hosting services which best suites your performance requirements.

Low cost hosting providers host on shared servers which means other sites can slow your site down. On a shared server, your site is sharing resources with a large number of unknown sites. These providers pack on as many sites as possible to generate more profits. The server admin features are often time consuming to use and require contacting support to conduct tasks.

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