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WordPress Theme Updates

Keep Your WordPress Website Performing Optimally

A healthy performing website requires a continuous series of updating throughout the framework from theme to hosting platform. Failure to conduct routine updates presents serious risk and threats that could result in financial loss.

Framework Audit & Recommendations

In order to perform any work on your site, we will need to conduct an audit of your site from theme to hosting. This will require full access to your site assets including hosting provider. The audit will result in a recommendations from conversion of an outdated theme to a modern theme, plugins, and hosting provider. In many cases it may require a great deal of work to get your site up to standards. In other cases, the process is simple and quick. Our goal is to get your website to a position where we can routinely update your site with minimal disruption.

Theme Updates

Older and poorly developed themes present issues such as poor performance, security risks, malware and poor user experience. A healthy and modern theme requires compatibility with newer, high performing servers. During our audit, we will make recommendations and present you with options on either replacing your site with a newer theme or nursing the existing theme until a time where budget allows.

Plugin Updates

Plugins are usually the source of security invasions that result in malware injection. Have you ever had your Google index taken over by pointless and useless foreign language or ads redirecting to a 3rd party site?  Most often, this is the result of outdated plugins that have been abandoned by the authors and have not been updated in years. Our audit will include recommendations on removing obsolete plugins and replace with trusted reliable products.

WordPress Updates

The real beauty of WordPress is the ongoing and continuous release of updates that improve performance, security, features and user experience. Updating WordPress is quick and easy unless of course your theme, plugins or hosting platform is outdated.

Hosting Platform

WordPress hosting has changed dramatically; thus, greatly improving performance, reliability, speed, security and lower Total Cost of Ownership. Cheap hosting is often a big mistake for businesses that require a performing site to support the business and growth. The audit we provide will result in recommendations for hosting your site. A great hosting platform should be cloud-based, automatically perform nightly backups, offer effective caching (without disrupting development and updates), offer staging site and auto scale to support increase/spikes in traffic. Rhino will help you get there quickly and keep your site running optimally.

WordPress Expert Services

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