WordPress Security Monitoring

Audit and Threat Protection

WordPress is now the most popular CMS platform. Unfortunately, it has become a popular target for hackers. Everyday hackers are striking WordPress websites looking for vulnerabilities in themes, plugins and servers to exploit and create damage.

We perform a complete audit of your server, WordPress installation, plugins and theme to identify potential security issues and install security monitoring and threat detection software on your site. We establish security measures such as password strength requirements, backups and system notifications.

WordPress Threat Detection

We perform ongoing monitoring and threat detection of your website to identify security breaches and new threats. We routinely conduct a physical audits of your site and perform WordPress and plugin updates to prevent future hacking attempts. We monitor and stay up to date with WordPress Security blogs and are informed about major threat events.


Hacking can result in many obvious and undetectable damage to your site and Google index. Hackers can take over your SEO index and publish unwanted text on your search results. We provide complete recover and repair including removing from Google index through Google Webmaster.

Let's Discuss and Request Pricing

Complete this form and we will contact you to provide rates and information on our program. We will perform a pre-signup audit of your website and hosting platform. On completion of the audit we will send you a sign up and payment form to purchase blocks of hours. We may recommend initial updates and configuration for your WordPress website.

Once you are signed up, we are ready to update your site and provide maintenance. You will purchase a block of hours (4-20) and the more hours you purchase, the lower the hourly rate. Your unused hours never expire and there is no monthly fee or minimum time to use.

When you need help, call us directly or submit your request via email or online support request form. We perform the work and follow up with a task completion. We deduct the time from your purchased block of hours.

  • Time Deducted in 15 Minute Increments.
  • No Monthly Fees or Minimal Hours Uses
  • We Track All Time and Perform a Quality Review Before Completion.
  • We Accept Credit Card Payment.
  • Professional and Experienced Staff.
  • Priority Customer Support 24/7.
  • Work Performed at Our Irvine or Dallas Offices..
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