WordPress Security Monitoring and Management

WordPress is now the most popular CMS platform. Unfortunately, it has become a popular target for hackers. Everyday hackers are striking WordPress websites looking for vulnerabilities in themes, plugins and servers to exploit and create damage.

Audit and Threat Protection

We perform a complete audit of your server, WordPress installation, plugins and theme to identify potential security issues and install security monitoring and threat detection software on your site. We establish security measure such as password strength requirements, backups and system notifications.

WordPress Threat Detection

We perform ongoing monitoring and threat detection of your website to identify security breaches and new threats. We routinely conduct a physically audits of your site and perform WordPress and plugin updates to prevent future hacking attempts. We monitor and stay up to date with WordPress Security blogs and are informed about major threat events.


Hacking can result in many obvious and undetectable damage to your site and Google index. Hackers can take over your SEO index and publish unwanted text on your search results. We provide complete recover and repair including removing from Google index through Google Webmaster.