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What is Webmaster Support and Do You Need It?

What is Webmaster Support and Do You Need It?

What is Webmaster Support?

Webmaster Support from Rhino Web Group is a WordPress website maintenance and support service that provides clients with routine or occasional updates, revisions, and general site management.  We help clients keep their WordPress website updated and performing optimally. Think of us as your “Dedicated Website Development Team” that is available as-needed and when needed.

What is the benefit of Webmaster Support Services?

Webmaster Support not only eliminates the need for a full-time website staff,  but also for training your current staff to be proficient in HTML, CSS, or other web development skills. Rhino’s support staff is professional, experienced and ready to help you keep your site performing optimally around the clock. Our team is here for you as-needed, when-needed.

Do I need Webmaster Support?

If you have a website, you need Webmaster Support. You will have peace of mind, knowing that your WordPress theme and plugins stay updated and functional, and that your site pages, content and elements are maintained and updated per your specifications, usually same-day.

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