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Is Social Media Important for B2B Companies?

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Social media platforms are incredibly valuable to B2C companies. Being able to target their ideal consumer based on profile information and behavior gives companies the unique opportunity to reach their exact intended audience to promote products and services, as well as offering them a prime platform to interact and provide real-time customer service to those customers.

B2B companies, especially those with highly specified services, may not see the direct value of social media so clearly. However, it is important to know that social media DOES provide a value to your company, no matter the niche.

  1. Social Media Profiles Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

Your social media pages serve more than just one purpose when it comes to Internet Marketing. Your profile indexes on search engines and can give your business a stronger presence geographically when a customer does a search. Along with this, certain search engines, like Bing, favor search rankings based on the social activity of a company. Meaning if you keep your profiles updated periodically, it could just give your SEO content a boost as well.

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness

Another value in participating on social media is to increase brand awareness for your company. B2B companies with specified niches may have more of a challenge in their search for new, qualified leads. However, social media provides an additional platform for you to advertise your company information, capabilities, services and products to keep your customers and leads as informed as possible. 

  1. Reaching More With Shareable Content

Keeping your social profiles up to date with fresh content is important, not only to prove the validity of your company, but also to increase the likelihood that viewers will share your content. People share content that is interesting or exciting to them in some way, so if your content piques their interest, chances are they will share! Product/Service sales, Press Releases, Fun Facts, Testimonials, Original Content/Media from Your Website, and Relevant Industry Articles are all prime shareable content. The more your content is shared or engaged with, the more impressions your company will make.

For B2B companies, social media is a valuable inbound marketing tool that, if managed right, can generate real results.

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